Create, Combine Collaborate
Unleash the Power of Custom AI
Watch, Learn and Generalize
Mimicking human-like understanding, iMean AI’s intuitive learning tool observes, adapts, and annotates your online activities seamlessly. Whether it’s scheduling, searching, or shopping, turn your routine into smart AI workflows.
Create, Customize and Optimize
Enhance generated workflows with your decision-making logic. Drag and drop iMean AI’s smart modules to customize and link diverse scenarios effortlessly. Experience the freedom of creating a truly unique AI assistant tailored to your needs.
Simulate, Collaborate and Enjoy
Simulate and make your innovative assistant live with a thriving community of AI enthusiasts. Each interaction enriches your experience: automate tasks, gain insights, and free up time to focus on what truly matters.
How It Works
Record with the Browser Plugin
Install our intuitive browser plugin and start recording your online activities. Navigate through your regular tasks, and our plugin will capture every action. It‘s the first step in transforming your everyday routines into intelligent workflows.
Annotate and Customize
Once you‘ve recorded a sequence, it‘s time to add your personal touch. Use our advanced annotation platform to refine the recorded tasks. Add specific instructions, set prompt labels, and customize how your AI interacts with different scenarios.
Test and Optimize
Before sharing your AI agent with the world, test it to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our platform allows you to simulate real-world scenarios, helping you to fine-tune each step. The goal is a flawless, efficient AI agent tailored to your needs.
Enjoy Your Personal AI
With your AI agent live, enjoy the newfound efficiency and creativity it brings to your daily life. Automate tasks, gain insights, and free up time to focus on what truly matters. Your personal AI agent is not just a tool; it’s a companion in your digital journey.
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